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Make your content discoverable

Make your content discoverable

Improve the discoverability of your articles and raise the profile of your publications by indexing them with scite. scite reports attract thousands of users a week and generate significant traffic for publisher partners.

Some of our stats and figures on fulltext click throughs:
  • Average monthly fulltext clicks per user is: 7
  • Average monthly fulltext clicks per report is: 5
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Demonstrate how reliable your publications are

Instead of showing just how many times a publication has been cited, show explicitly which articles have been supported by displaying the Smart Citation badge on your articles. Badges create a link to scite reports for readers to understand the full citation contexts of the article they are reading. Building trust with readers is important, scite can help.

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Attract new submissions and re-engage authors

Send author marketing campaigns based on scite data to show them how their work has been supported, contrasted, or mentioned by others and how you can help improve quality and visibility of their work.

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Help support your authors and enhance the quality of your submissions

Help support your authors and enhance the quality of your submissions

Stop worrying about the quality of your submissions by integrating scite Reference Check into your submission process. scite Reference Check helps authors and editors understand the quality of their references and surfaces heavilty disputed, out-of-date, and retracted references.

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Understand your journals and track how articles are cited over time

Use scite Journal dashboards to better understand how articles in your journal(s) have been cited. Discover how many supporting or contrasting citations your journal has received and what is the most supported or contrasted article in your journal.

Track individual publications or set an email alert to track citations to your entire journal. scite provides a view of your publications like no other.

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